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Demron™ - Radiation Shielding Garment
RSIR 930
Made of well-known US nanotechnology engineered material, tested for nuclear decay by the US Department of Energy and several university radiation labs, proven to provide effective shielding against various forms of ionizing radiation. The material also provides good protection against chemical vapors dissipates body heat, non-toxic to human body, lighter than conventional lead garments, soft in texture and comfortable.
What radiation do they shield?
χ Radiation High Energy β Radiation
α Radiation Low Energy γ Radiation
Where are they used?
EMERGENCY RESPONSE Help emergency teams to respond to transportation accidents involving radioactive materials, terrorist attacks involving radioactive dispersal devices, or nuclear weapons.
INDUSTRY Most protective clothing used in industrial and medical applications do not protect against ionizing radiation. DEMRON™ effectively reduce the overall occupational radiation dose, depending upon the type of radiation utilized.
MILITARY Most military garments do not protect against penetrating ionizing radiation. DEMRON™ may be worn alone, or in conjunction with other protective clothing to protect soldiers in specific radiological combat context.
CIVILIANS Provide civilians with an effective form of protection as they evacuate from a radiological emergency.
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