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ISO 9001:2015

EN469:2005  LEVEL 1
EN469:2005  LEVEL 2

Suitable for structural fire fighting, emergency response and rescue. Performance design focuses on flame, heat and water resistance, breathability, high visibility and ergonomics. Outer shell and thermal barrier function to prevent burn injuries and overheating. Moisture barrier works to stop heated water to cause burns and to dissipate internal body heat. The suit is cut for comfortable fit, stitched in strong seams with sufficient overlapping between jacket and trousers. They provide an adequate body coverage, easy to put on and take off, safe and reliable.

High Performance Materials
Outer shell : Multi-A™ aramid blends, producer color, strong and color fast.
Moisture barrier : Melamine and aramid FR PU, flame and water resistant, breathable
Thermal barrier : Aramid, keeping off excessive heat, breathable.
Comfort lining : Lenzing® FR and aramid, soft, comfortable, skin friendly.
Available Styles
- Multi-A™ C1 twill outer shell, reliable strength, colorfast dope dye.
- Elbow and knee reinforcements to help resist impact and abrasion.
- Special pocket closure design to prevent hazardous liquid incursion.
- Light weight and breathable, ideal for use in warm/hot climate.
- Color options:
 Dark navy
- Multi-A™ C2 twill outer shell with enhanced heat resistance & strengths.
- More reflective areas on garments to ensure wearer visibility..
- Elbow and knee reinforcements to resist impact and abrasion
- Light weight and breathable, ideal for use in hot climate.
- Color options:
 Dark navy
- Outer shell Multi-A™ CA, 60% meta aramid, 40% para aramid.
- Superior flame & heat resistance. Ripstop pattern to add breaking & tear strength.
- Dope dye or yarn dye colors to achieve high color fastness.
- Adjustable shoulder suspenders for better fit and user comfort.
- Elbow and knee reinforcements to resist impact and abrasion.
- Large reflective and fluorescent areas to increase wearer visibility.
- Special pocket closure system to prevent hazardous liquid incursion.
- Color options:  Dark navy  Orange
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